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Celebrate the connectedness of your Spiritual and your Human, your physical and your spiritual bodies.

Embrace the knowledge you have of your physical limitations while rediscovering your spiritual infiniteness.

Reconnect with your physical abilities and all the opportunities they bring while rediscovering those spiritual abilities.

Both are as limited and as infinite as you choose them to be.

Both are intricately interwoven, fully interlocked and working as a team for this lifetime.

An obvious statement but one to really consider and realise.

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That depends…

We need to support our physical self as equally as our mental, spiritual and emotional selves.

There are tools to assist us with this. These tools help our physical, mental and emotional bodies recover, strengthen, grow and evolve as equally as our spiritual.

We can support our physical bodies when they alert us to an issue…

A profound quote from Nathaniel Branden.

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Image: Nicola Poole

I have often been asked why the world is so much more violent, chaotic and challenging over recent years in comparison to previous times. Is our species heading to an awful destruction of humanity, our beautiful planet and all her inhabitants? A common belief is, that is where humanity’s path leads but since discussing this over many years with numerous insightful animal friends (human and non-human), I’m now understanding it as humanity evolving and merging.

Technology is integrating us physically, culturally and…

Nicola Poole

Welcome. Discover articles of insights and wisdom shared from many varied species. We have so much to teach and discover together. Enjoy this space and time.

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